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We Are

Who we are

Rusicaa is a social initiative to connect the tribal communities with the mainstream population of India, through art, culture, and lifestyle. It all started in 2013, in Hiktu, a small village near Jharkhand, when Doman Tudu, a NIFT graduate, took the onus of developing his community members and that of other ethnic tribes around the country.

Even after 70 years of independence, about 104 million of ethnic tribes in India have been living in the shadows and in geographical and cultural isolation. For the generation, their distinct tradition, practices, and beliefs have kept these communities at bay.

And that ignited an idea for Doman and his father, Ram Prasad Tudu- an assistant geologist, to bridge the gap between these two worlds. Doman turned the distinctiveness of his community into their strength and brought out the hidden artistic potential of the tribal masses through music, apparel design, handicrafts, films, photography and other lifestyle products.

Thus, with the right training and discovery, Rusicaa has unraveled a treasure trove of world-class talent, right in our own backyard.



Rusicaa aims to become a leading name in fashion and lifestyle, that exudes ethnic charm and has an original tribal touch. By blending innovation with tradition, and supporting it with technology, we have embarked on a mission to make Indian tribal products available to the world.


The vision of Rusicaa is reflected through its logo. Our brand identity is derived from the Santhali mythology which says that the world was created by two swans who protect its people. Taking cues from the folklore, Rusicaa developed as a brand with a vision to uplift the spirit of the folk communities. By providing them with the right socio-economic platform and resources, Rusicaa encourages tribe members to participate in business, trade and artistry, so they can bring themselves on the forefront of the society and contribute immensely to the development of our nation.


Our Team

Doman Chandra Tudu, Director & CEO

Email: doman@rusicaa.com

A graduate in Apparel Technology from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Bengaluru, Doman has the artistic skills and technical prowess to bring about a paradigm shift in fashion trends. Working in the garment industry for 5 years, with leading names, Doman acquired market knowledge and business insights which he would eventually translate into realizing his dreams. A visionary and an entrepreneur, Doman shaped Rusicaa to become the pride of his Santal community and a foundation for Indian tribal art forms and boost the social presence of tribal communities of India.